Porn Yesterday Vs Porn Today (Infographic)

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Skeptics of pornography’s harmful effects will often point out that porn has been around for a long time.

After all, cavemen drew sexual images on their stone walls, and the ancient Greeks sculpted it on their pottery. But comparing ancient paintings on clay pots to today’s endless stream of hardcore videos depicting every possible sexual act in high definition, available 24 hours a day on a device that fits into your pocket, isn’t exactly comparing apples to apples.

Porn has changed dramatically, even within the last few decades. As porn’s availability has risen, so have its devastating effects on people, relationships, and society at large. As therapist John Woods recently wrote, pornography “is no longer just a private problem. It is a public health problem.”

Control Parental

¿Sabe lo que hacen sus hijos en Internet? ¿Cómo saber si sufren ciberacoso? La comunicación entre padres e hijos no siempre es sencilla, pero hay herramientas digitales que pueden ayudar. Existe una aplicación muy útil llamada Qustodio, una start up creada en Barcelona que ya ha alcanzado el millón y medio de usuarios.

Básicamente, Qustodio es una app de control parental. Tanto el padre como el hijo la tienen que instalar en sus dispositivos. En la versión de los padres, la aplicación ofrece información sobre lo que el menor está haciendo en Internet: qué páginas web visita (aunque lo haga en ‘modo incógnito’), que apps se descarga, cuánto tiempo navega y hasta su geolocalización.

Qustodio cuenta también con una versión de escritorio, para quienes prefieran trabajar sobre una pantalla de mayor tamaño.

La propuesta de Qustodio es que los padres (o tutores) “escuchen” antes de decidir qué filtros o medidas imponer. “Primero, hay que saber lo que hacen. Después, se pueden configurar alertas o bloqueos a ciertas webs, apps o categorías de contenidos”, explica Graeme M. Gibbs, vicepresidente de desarrollo de negocio de Qustodio.

Para menores de 14 años no es necesario contar con el consentimiento previo del menor para instalar esta aplicación de seguimiento, pero desde Qustodio recomiendan mantener la máxima transparencia para con él. “Conocer más sobre qué hace o qué intereses y miedos tiene puede ser el primer paso para entablar una conversación”, asegura Gibbs.

Versiones gratuita y de pago

Qustodio tiene un modelo de negocio freemium. La versión gratuita está limitada a un dispositivo, incluye los informes de uso del niño (reporting) y permite bloquear o establecer alertas para páginas web. La versión de pago, además de permitir que se conecten al servicio más cantidad de dispositivos, permite bloquear también la descarga de apps móviles e incorpora la geolocalización.

Utiliza el codigo QUST10 para obtener un 10% de descuento en las versiones de pago, Descargalo AQUI

Software de Control Parental

La Seguridad de nuestros Hijos en internet es un tema serio, No importa si se utiliza la computadora familiar, una laptop personal, tableta o celular.

con Qustodio podrán definir fácilmente los límites acordados, bloquear páginas inapropiadas, y garantizar la seguridad de los pequeños. Sumado a lo anterior se podrá ver que aplicaciones utilizan, las búsquedas realizadas, las redes sociales que visita y los amigos con los que se relaciona en Internet.

Entre las características que ofrece Qustodio podemos destacar:

  • Supervisión de redes sociales como Facebook o Twitter
  • Detener resultados de búsqueda inapropiados
  • Limitar el tiempo que los hijos pasan en Internet o en sus dispositivos
  • Restringir el uso de juegos y aplicaciones en ordenadores, móviles y tabletas
  • Alerta sobre actividades cuestionables en redes sociales
  • Detiene todas las páginas peligrosas de una web
  • Muestra si se usa el ordenador para hacer tareas importantes o entretenimiento
  • Muestra las amistades online de sus hijos y el contenido que comparten
  • Interfaz multilenguaje

Qustodio se puede descargar totalmente gratis desde donde ademas podremos conocer toda la información de esta interesante herramienta que seguro sera la mano derecha de muchos padres de familia.

funciona en la mayoria de las plataformas ya sean computadoras, tabletas y celulares: android, ios, windows 10, mac, kindle

Utiliza el codigo QUST10 para obtener 10% de descuento en todos los planes premium descarga aqui

Coronavirus and Protecting Your Kids from Germs in General

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It seems like an unusually rough flu season, even for people who got the shot. And the double whammy of the Coronavirus has many of us on edge. The CDC has a robust collection of up-to-the-minute information and tips here.

When I first wrote this post, I think we were all in a zone of disbelief and inclined to believe what would soon become fiction. It’s “there, not here.” It’s “happening to old people with health conditions, not young people.” It’s everywhere, happening to anyone. In a matter of days, this situation turned very serious, very scary, and has most of us grounded at home. School is out for many communities for a TBD amount of time. Non-essential businesses have been asked to close. Who could have imagined a time when we would only be allowed to leave home for the grocery store or doctor?

It’s a good reminder of the importance of hand washing and why we should avoid touching our face. Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to provide some useful information infused with a great sense of humor at a very stressful time in our lives. This is clearly no joking matter, and I’m not bringing light to the seriousness of the situation, trust me. But if we can learn some new safety habits that will become our new normal for a while and smile along the way, maybe we’ll be part of fighting this battle one step at a time.

Stay safe, and … wash your hands!

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What to do When Someone in Your House Has COVID

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Even as the lockdowns across the country are starting to decrease, the reality is that the spread of COVID-19 has impacted tens of thousands of families. If this modern-day scourge has not visited you and your family, then consider yourself lucky. However, this does not mean that it will not happen in the future, and with that in mind, here are some tips on what to do when someone in your house has COVID.

It does not matter if you or someone you love has a mild or severe case of COVID; the mere presence of the disease needs to be taken seriously. This is not only because of the ease in which the virus can spread but also because it is new to humans. As such, doctors are still working on treatment options as well as the much hoped for vaccine.

Another reason for taking the virus seriously is that some studies have found that it can spread quickly between family members or others who live in close quarters.

This is even the case when someone displays mild symptoms of the disease. The best advice when someone is showing symptoms is to act as if your loved one and the rest of your family has been exposed to the virus.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Even if you cannot get tested, you will want to take steps to keep everyone safe.

This includes separating family members who might be sick, taking special care to any dishes, cups, and laundry items. Also, you will want to think about how to handle bathroom arrangements.

Yes, this can get complicated, but there is a need to keep everyone apart as much as possible if COVID visits your home.

While the Washington State Department of Health, recommends that family members without symptoms should stay in another part of the home or a different place of residence, this might not always be possible. As such, you will want to take every step you can to keep family members separated – especially if you are living in an apartment.

This can happen by setting aside one part of the apartment just for those with symptoms and by making sure precautions are taken when family members come in contact.

If sharing the bathroom is a challenge, then you want to make sure it is cleared every time that someone uses it. It does not matter if the person using the bathroom is suspected of having COVID or not; the risk that the disease can be passed on is too high and should be taken seriously.

When cleaning, the ideal mix is nine-parts water to one-part bleach as this will help to clean and disinfect all surfaces. Take this advice seriously as some studies have shown that the disease can be spread by fecal matter and other bodily fluids.

Also, if you have a pet, then you will want to keep the pet away from those suspected of having the disease. While the odds of your cat or dog contracting COVID are low, there have been cases of human-to-animal transmission as such. It is better to be safe than sorry.

In terms of treatment, Dr. Michael Hochman, M.D., associate professor of medicine at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, notes that you will want to give any suspected family member plenty of fluids and rest. Also, cold and flu medications can be useful. However, if symptoms get worse, then you will want to seek medical attention immediately.

This is because over-the-counter medications might not be effective against COVID, and some do have side effects if not safely used. Also, you might want to consider using a neti pot to help clear out the patient’s nasal passages. Regular temperature checks can also be useful as it will help to see if the disease is worsening.

For caregivers, you will always want to wear a mask and might even want to consider a face shield..

The reason for wearing protective equipment, even cloth masks, is because the disease is primarily spread through the mucus membranes. Also, you will want to wear gloves whenever coming in contact with the patient or with something they have touched, such as dishes and glasses.

Remember to clean everything thoroughly, if possible, use a dishwasher, and sanitize all items after use. Also, remember to properly handle protective items when taking them off to limit the spread of the virus.

Tool to protect children’s online privacy

original article from University of Texas at Dallas

A University of Texas at Dallas study of 100 mobile apps for kids found that 72 violated a federal law aimed at protecting children’s online privacy.

Dr. Kanad Basu, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science and lead author of the study, along with colleagues elsewhere, developed a tool that can determine whether an Android game or other mobile app complies with the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

The researchers introduced and tested their “COPPA Tracking by Checking Hardware-Level Activity,” or COPPTCHA, tool in a study published in the March edition of IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security. The tool was 99% accurate. Researchers continue to improve the technology, which they plan to make available for download at no cost.Basu said games and other apps that violate COPPA pose privacy risks that could make it possible for someone to determine a child’s identity and location. He said the risk is heightened as more people are accessing apps from home, rather than public places, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Suppose the app collects information showing that there is a child on Preston Road in Plano, Texas, downloading the app. A trafficker could potentially get the user’s email ID and geographic location and try to kidnap the child. It’s really, really scary,” Basu said.

Apps can access personal identifiable information, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, location, audio and visual recordings, and unique identifiers for devices such as an international mobile equipment identity (IMEI), media access control (MAC) addresses, Android ID and Android advertising ID.

The advertising ID, for example, allows app developers to collect information on users’ interests, which they can then sell to advertisers.

“When you download an app, it can access a lot of information on your cellphone,” Basu said. “You have to keep in mind that all this info can be collected by these apps and sent to third parties. What do they do with it? They can pretty much do anything. We should be careful about this.”

The researchers’ technique accesses a device’s special-purpose register, a type of temporary data-storage location within a microprocessor that monitors various aspects of the microprocessor’s function. Whenever an app transmits data, the activity leaves footprints that can be detected by the special-purpose register.

COPPA requires that websites and online services directed to children obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from anyone younger than 13; however, as Basu’s research found, many popular apps do not comply. He found that many popular games designed specifically for young children revealed users’ Android IDs, Android advertising IDs and device descriptions.

Basu recommends that parents use caution when downloading or allowing children to download apps.

“If your kid asks you to download a popular game app, you’re likely to download it,” Basu said. “A problem with our society is that many people are not aware of — or don’t care about — the threats in terms of privacy.”

Basu advises keeping downloads to a minimum.

“I try to limit my downloading of apps as much as possible,” Basu said. “I don’t download apps unless I need to.”

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Intel Corp. and New York University also contributed to the work.

Original source University of Texas at Dallas. “Tool to protect children’s online privacy: Tracking instrument nabs apps that violate federal law with 99% accuracy.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 23 June 2020.

Bottomline always have a internet filter, so you can protect what your children downloads on the tablets and cellphones.

please browse our website to find more options to protect your online privacy and your childrens..

4 Activities to Get Your Kids Moving

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Keeping up with an energetic child is not always easy, especially if you don’t share the same level of energy with your children. The way to balance things out is by allowing children to remain active and engaged in a fun way.

There are actually a lot of physical activities that can help your kids stay active and keep them moving, all while allowing you to keep up with them at all times. In this article, we are going to take a look at some activities to get your kids moving.

Afterschool Activities

If your children’s school has afterschool activities, now is the perfect time to consider them. There are plenty of programs to choose from, depending on the schools your kids go to, with some being more physical than others.

Well-known programs like Skillastics group activities are perfect for keeping your kids moving in a healthy and productive way. Your children will not only remain active but also have the opportunity to develop certain skills while interacting with their friends.

Long Walks

Physical activity doesn’t have to be a high-intensity one. In fact, a lot of low-intensity physical activities are fun to share with the kids. One example is taking a long walk around the neighborhood. It is the kind of activity that you can do together without complex preparations.

If you have dogs, walking the dog as a routine is also a good idea. The kids can learn about their environment and taking responsibility while you share a fun activity together. A 30-minute walk is often more than enough to bring your children’s energy level down.

Simple Sports

We often associate sports with additional equipment and a specialized field, when in reality, there are a lot of sports you can do easily. Playing catch, for instance, can be done with a rubber ball in the backyard.

The same is true with other sports like basketball and soccer. With the latter, you can simply create a small goalpost and have fun trying to block your children from scoring a goal. It is certainly fun enough to keep them entertained for a long time.

Dance Party

Another exciting thing to do to keep the children moving is dancing. This too is a simple thing to do, plus there are multiple ways to make it more fun. For instance, you can turn off the light and put on some disco lighting to set the mood.

There are video games based on dancing too, which makes this particular activity easier to adopt. Put on some music and have a lot of fun dancing with the children. Once again, a 30-to-60-minute session is more than enough to bring the energy level of your children down.

As an added bonus, you can turn dancing into an entire party. Invite other children and let your kids have a lot of fun hosting their own dance party.

As you can see, these activities are easy to try. They are certainly fun enough to keep your kids moving and allow them to stay active – and healthy – for even longer.

Como bloquear pornografia en un iPhone

Si tus hijos tienen un iphone y deseas bloquear ciertos sitios, asi como bloquear estos sitios tambien para tu telefono. Continua leyendo por favor.

Lejos quedaron los días donde con bloquear unos cuantos sitios, tus equipos estarían protegidos, con los avances tecnológicos de hoy en día, existen cientos de sitios con contenido para adultos, con imágenes y videos que es necesario bloquear.

Para intentar ahorrarte el tiempo y el enorme dolor de cabeza, te vamos a enseñar algunos tips sobre como bloquear una página de internet desde tu iPhone.

1. Bloquea páginas de internet manualmente , restringiendo los contenidos.

La primera forma para poder bloquear el contenido inapropiado es activando un control parental en el teléfono. La manera mas sencilla es activando la restricción de contenido web y bloqueando el acceso a los mismos utilizando el navegador Safari. ( en tu iphone)

Para poder hacerlo debes de navegar a la pestaña de restricciones en un iPhone, en el menú de configuración general. Aquí debes seleccionar Websites, aquí podrás limitar el contenido para adultos, poner tu propia lista de websites a bloquear, o apagar totalmente la opción de navegación en internet.

2. Descargar una aplicación que bloquee la pornografía

Ocasionalmente la opcion arriba mencionada no es suficiente. Después de todo existen millones de sitios con contenido inapropiado en internet, y tener que escoger manualmente los sitios a bloquear simplemente es imposible, ya que desgraciadamente estos sitios aumentan diariamente, además bloquear por completo la navegación en el equipo no es una solución muy recomendable tampoco, ya que existen sitios utiles y muy valiosos también.

La  mejor opcion para eliminar estos sitios entonces es descargando e instalando una aplicacion para prevenir que sitios con contenido pornografico aparezcan en nuestro Iphone.

Si tienes niños, una opcion que recomendamos es Qustodio esta aplicación te permite bloquear los sitios de internet entre muchas otras funciones, además cuenta con una versión gratuita

Puedes utilizar el código QUST10 y obtendrás un 10% de descuento en la versión Premium, entre las multiples ventajes de esta aplicación esta que es en Español. Y es fácil de utilizar, te permite además de bloquear sitios para adultos, establecer los tiempos de navegación para evitar que pasen demasiado tiempo en línea, además te da un reporte de las paginas que tu hijo visito.

  Recomendamos ampliamente la versión Premium, que te da 30 dias de prueba gratis.

Otra aplicación altamente recomendable aunque esta enfocada mas para adultos es

 Covenant Eyes esta aplicación es excelente si estas tratando de dejar de ver sitios pornográficos, te permite además de bloquearlos contar con una red de apoyo, por que la pornografia si es una adicción, el sitio se encuentra en ingles.


Si te preguntas como dejar de ver pornografia, o estas buscando la manera de bloquear estos sitios para los dispositivos de tus hijos,  el iPhone tiene muchas opciones gratuitas y de paga para ayudarte y bloquear el contenido no apto para tus hijos.

Sinceramente esperamos haberte ayudado y que puedas bloquear esos sitios de tu iphone hoy.

Mother’s Day Quotes

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Parenting Tips

Happy Moms Day!

Mothers Day is a special day to really let our Moms know how much we love them. Here are a few quotes I found that help express our love for their dedication and influence throughout our lives. After all, what would we be without our Moms?

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love. (Mildred B. Vermont)

Your arms were always open when I needed a hug. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love has guided me and gave me wings to fly. (Sarah Malin)

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother. (Oprah)

Best advice my mom gave me is “Don’t let other people make the choices for you and don’t let no one push you around.” (Gabriela, 11, Canada)


“M” is for the million things she gave me,

“O” means only that she’s growing old,

“T” is for the tears she shed to save me,

“H” is for her heart of purest gold;

“E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,

“R” means right, and right she’ll always be,

Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER,”

A word that means the world to me.

– Howard Johnson.

Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. (Stevie Wonder)

Mother – that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries. (T. DeWitt Talmage)

Men are what their mothers made them. (RalphWaldo Emerson)

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. (unknown)

Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease. (Lisa Alther)

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.  (Victor Hugo)

That best academy, a mother’s knee. (James Russell Lowell)

The Miracle of Life nurtured by a woman who gave us love and sacrifice…MOTHER (Joel Barquez)

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you -> life (Anonymous)

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother (Abraham Lincoln)

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. (Unknown)

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. (Charles R. Swindoll)

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. (Robert Browning )

Nobody knows of the work it makes/to keep the home together. Nobody knows of the steps it takes/ nobody knows but mother.

There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no rose as lovely as her smile, no path so flowery as that imprinted w/her footsteps. (Thompson)

The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom. (Henry Ward Beecher)

Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. Marion C. Garretty

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – life (unknown)

If I had a flower for each time I thought of My Mother, I could walk in my garden forever. ( unknown)

Happy Mothers Day from all of us at More4kids!

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How to block a website on android devices in 2020

In today’s increasingly digitalized day and age, protecting your internet-enabled devices from malware, spam, and malicious activity is paramount to maintaining your digital anonymity and safeguarding your personal data from people with bad intentions.

As such, knowing how to block a website on android devices is an absolutely essential skill. Whether you’re trying to limit your kids’ access to the world wide web and keep their browsing activity age-appropriate, or simply trying to eliminate the chances of encountering malicious websites, there are a few quick steps that you can take to block off specific websites.

1. Block Websites Via The Browser You Use

Since Android is one of the most flexible and dynamic mobile operating systems – you have access to a wealth of modern browsers that already have all of the necessary features to block specific websites, which can be further extended via useful add-ons that you can install.

For this example, we’ll be taking a look at Firefox, one of today’s most popular and advanced browsers for android devices.

To block websites via an add-on in Firefox, you should:

  • Open the add-ons menu in Firefox via the three-dot menu in the topmost righthand corner.
  • Find and install BlockSite via the search bar at the top of the add-ons interface.
  • Grant BlockSite the necessary permissions and open up the add-on’s menu.
  • Tap on the “block sites” button and enter in any URLs for the websites you want to restrict or block.

2. Block Websites On Multiple Android Devices Via An App

If tinkering with add-ons and browser settings seems like it could be a bit out of the realm of your technological abilities, don’t worry. There is a much easier way to block websites on Android. We’re talking about apps!

And among all of your privacy and access-control apps, Google Family Link stands out a cut above the rest. This app is especially handy if you have several devices (such as your kids’ phones) which you want to be able to control and restrict at will.

Google Family Link allows you to block off web access, set bed-times, block phone access altogether, restrict access to certain websites via Chrome, and even limit the user’s ability to see and download mature content from the Google Play app store.

To get started with Google Family Link, you’ll need to:

  • Download the Google Family Link application from the Google Play store.
  • Sign in with your Google account and add your family members to your “Family.”
  • Once your family is configured, you can set the necessary restrictions by tapping on any given family member. You can also review their activity, from browsing activity to their app downloads and time spent on the device.

Closing Thoughts

Alternatively, if you feel like Google Home Link is a bit too excessive for your purposes, you can download BlockSite (which we covered as a browser add-on) as an application directly onto your Android device as well.

In today’s world, keeping a solid grasp on your private information and limiting access to potentially malicious websites is a must!

And while there are more and more pitfalls to watch out for as technology advances and evolves, there are also many more ways for you to block websites and certain browsing activity on your Android devices.

So, whether you’re trying to limit your kids’ access to the web or put an extra layer of security on your Android devices – our guide should give you a few easy ideas for how you can tackle this challenge.

Como bloquear un sitio web en dispositivos con android

En estos dias tan digitalizados es indispensable proteger los equipos con los que nos conectamos a internet, debemos protegerlos de spam, malware, y mas actividades maliciosas que pudieran llegar a infectar nuestros equipos, ademas de proteger nuestra informacion de personas con malas intenciones .

Por lo tanto el saber como bloquear una pagina de internet, en nuestros dispositivos con android, es indispensable.

Ya sea que estas tratando de limitar el tiempo que tus hijos pasan en linea, o las paginas que pueden ver, es importante mantener vigilancia en las paginas que ellos pueden visitar, a continuacion te mencionaremos algunos tips para lograrlo

Bloquear paginas Web :

Debido a que Android es uno de los sistemas operativos mas flexibles y dinamicos, existen muchisimos navegadores que cuentan con los recursos para bloquear ciertos paginas web, ademas puedes descargar plug-ins para aumentar dicha proteccion.

para este ejemplo podremos mencionar Firefox, uno de los navegadores mas populares y avanzados para equipos android.

Para bloquear paginas de internet utilizando la extension en firefox debemos hacer lo siguiente :

  • Abre el menu de extensiones en Firefox,, se encuentra en el menu de tres puntos, en la esquina superior derecha.
  • Busca e instala la extension Block site por Ray, utiliza la barra que aparece en el lado superior derecho para buscarla.
  • Otorgale los permisos necesarios a la aplicacion para que pueda funcionar
  • existen muchas complementos que te permiten bloquear paginas web, navega en la tabla de extensiones para firefox, y descarga la de tu agrado

Como bloquear una pagina de internet en varios equipos android utilizando una app.

Si la opcion anterior de bloquear paginas de internet desde tu navegador, te parece compleja y un dolor de cabeza, existen otras opciones mucho mas faciles, Existe una manera de bloquear paginas web en android con aplicaciones.

Entre las aplicaciones que te permiten controlar la privacidad y el acceso a tu informacion que dichas aplicaciones obtienen, Google Family Link es una de las mejores. Esta aplicacion es especialmente util si tienes varios equipos que deseas controlar y restingir ( tabletas y telefonos celulares de tus hijos por ejemplo)

Google Family Link te permite bloquear paginas de internet, establecer horarios para que no esten navegando toda la noche, bloquear acceso al telefono, y bloquear paginas en chrome, es posible incluso limitar la habilidad de el usuario de ver y descargar contenido no apto para niños desde la app store de google play.

Para comenzar a utilizar Google Family Link vas a necesitar :

  • Descargar la aplicacion de google family link desde el google play store.
  • ingresa a tu cuenta de google y añade a los miembros de tu familia a tu “familia.” en la aplicacion
  • una vez que tu familia este configurada, puedes establecer las restricciones necesarias, dando click en cada miembro de la familia, puedes tambien revisar su actividad, que paginas visitaron , que aplicaciones descargaron, y cuanto tiempo estuvieron utlizando el equipo.

Si no te adaptas a esta aplicacion existen muchas otras que te permiten lograr lo mismo, una de ellas es Qustodio, que cuenta con planes gratuitos y planes de pago.


En estos dias, es indispensable tener control sobre nuestros datos, y la informacion que compartimos, es necesario protegerla limitando el acceso a potenciales sitios de malware y phising, que buscan robar nuestros datos, toda nuestra informacion debe ser protegida.

si como adultos muchas veces caemos en sitios peligrosos, imagina que tan importante es el acceso que tienen nuestros hijos y los potenciales peligros en linea que ellos pueden encontrar. saber como bloquear una pagina en internet es mas importante que nunca.

How to block porn on Iphone

Block porn on your Iphone

If you have children at home who are always on their phones and browsing the world wide web, or people who are indulging in a little too much adult video streaming, blocking certain websites is an essential step towards keeping their browsing activity appropriate.

However, where in the past you could just block off access to certain sites and call it a day – today’s technological boom has made it all too easy to access the tens of millions of porn websites, images, and videos out on the web through your iPhone.

So to save you the time and headache of having to brain it all out on your own – we’re going to show you what you can do to completely block porn on the iPhone in one go. Helping you ensure a much safer browsing experience, devoid of any inappropriate content, for anyone using the web on their phones in your home.

1. Block Porn Sites Manually With Content Restrictions

The first way that you can tackle inappropriate browsing is by setting a parental lock on the phone in question. The easiest way to do this is by enabling the web content restriction options and blocking off any access to certain websites via Safari.

To do this, you’ll need to navigate to the Restrictions tab of your iPhone’s General Settings menu. Here you can select Websites, where you’ll be able to limit all adult content, set up your own list of websites, or turn off web browsing altogether.

2. Download A Porn-Blocking Application

Occasionally, the default content restriction options available within iOS aren’t enough to block each and every porn website out there. After all, there are millions of them these days, and having to choose between manually playing catchup with the ones you find or blocking all web browsing activity in one fell swoop isn’t exactly easy either.

The best alternative to weeding them out by hand is downloading and installing an application to prevent malicious or porn sites from appearing on your iPhone.

If you have kids, this is the best option to enhance the suite of parental controls and tracking options that you already have available with an iPhone.

The application we recommend is Porn Blocker Plus. It gives you absolute control across all browsers (outside of just Safari) while providing you with more features such as custom websites, custom keywords, and password protection. And the best part lies in the fact that it readily aggregates all the most popular porn sites for you to block, so you don’t have to do any manual work in tracking them down and blocking them off. In fact, it’s so effective that this app has quickly become popular among the NoFap movement on Reddit, which recommends this app as the best tool to escape porn addiction.

we can also recommend you the Qustodio app, it offers a lot of flexibility in order to block porn and malware sites, it also gives you a free and paid options the later will give you 30 days free to test it up , we have managed to get you a discount use the code QUST10 and you will get 10% off

However, as with all great things – there’s a small downside. This downside lies in the fact that Porn Blocker Plus will run you $69.99 a year (otherwise known as $1.35 a week). And if you’re not ready to shell out your hard-earned cash on an app, they do offer a 3-day free trial to help you get a good look into whether or not it would be a good fit for you.

3. Free Porn Blocking iPhone Apps

If you don’t want to invest in a paid porn blocker, there’s a wealth of options and apps that can do it for free.

Out of this category of apps, we recommend Purge: Porn Blocker & Safe DNS. It functions as a firewall to block any sites that you deem inappropriate. However, it does feature a paid option for some added perks (which aren’t necessary to block porn).

The downside to this approach is the fact that you’ll have to manually create a block list of different porn sites, which can take a bit of time and effort. There is also a whitelist that you can make use of so that you don’t accidentally block any safe sites. The great added benefit that it has over the content restriction settings in iOS is the app’s ability to block porn everywhere – we mean raunchy applications, trackers, and even inappropriate advertising will be blocked off completely free.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re wondering how to stop watching porn or looking around for options to block inappropriate websites – the iPhone has plenty of free and paid methods to help you do away with inappropriate content.

If you’ve stuck it out up until this point in the article, you’re now armed with all the knowledge and the best options to block porn on iPhone devices.