How to block a website on android devices in 2020

In today’s increasingly digitalized day and age, protecting your internet-enabled devices from malware, spam, and malicious activity is paramount to maintaining your digital anonymity and safeguarding your personal data from people with bad intentions.

As such, knowing how to block a website on android devices is an absolutely essential skill. Whether you’re trying to limit your kids’ access to the world wide web and keep their browsing activity age-appropriate, or simply trying to eliminate the chances of encountering malicious websites, there are a few quick steps that you can take to block off specific websites.

1. Block Websites Via The Browser You Use

Since Android is one of the most flexible and dynamic mobile operating systems – you have access to a wealth of modern browsers that already have all of the necessary features to block specific websites, which can be further extended via useful add-ons that you can install.

For this example, we’ll be taking a look at Firefox, one of today’s most popular and advanced browsers for android devices.

To block websites via an add-on in Firefox, you should:

  • Open the add-ons menu in Firefox via the three-dot menu in the topmost righthand corner.
  • Find and install BlockSite via the search bar at the top of the add-ons interface.
  • Grant BlockSite the necessary permissions and open up the add-on’s menu.
  • Tap on the “block sites” button and enter in any URLs for the websites you want to restrict or block.

2. Block Websites On Multiple Android Devices Via An App

If tinkering with add-ons and browser settings seems like it could be a bit out of the realm of your technological abilities, don’t worry. There is a much easier way to block websites on Android. We’re talking about apps!

And among all of your privacy and access-control apps, Google Family Link stands out a cut above the rest. This app is especially handy if you have several devices (such as your kids’ phones) which you want to be able to control and restrict at will.

Google Family Link allows you to block off web access, set bed-times, block phone access altogether, restrict access to certain websites via Chrome, and even limit the user’s ability to see and download mature content from the Google Play app store.

To get started with Google Family Link, you’ll need to:

  • Download the Google Family Link application from the Google Play store.
  • Sign in with your Google account and add your family members to your “Family.”
  • Once your family is configured, you can set the necessary restrictions by tapping on any given family member. You can also review their activity, from browsing activity to their app downloads and time spent on the device.

Closing Thoughts

Alternatively, if you feel like Google Home Link is a bit too excessive for your purposes, you can download BlockSite (which we covered as a browser add-on) as an application directly onto your Android device as well.

In today’s world, keeping a solid grasp on your private information and limiting access to potentially malicious websites is a must!

And while there are more and more pitfalls to watch out for as technology advances and evolves, there are also many more ways for you to block websites and certain browsing activity on your Android devices.

So, whether you’re trying to limit your kids’ access to the web or put an extra layer of security on your Android devices – our guide should give you a few easy ideas for how you can tackle this challenge.

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